SEAN A. PRITCHARD is a garden design studio based in London and Somerset. Before setting up the practice, Sean graduated with Distinction from the Garden Design School in Bristol.

The studio aims to create gardens that find a playful balance between classical design and elegant modernity. Our philosophy works on the basis that gardens should provoke an emotional response from the visitor. They should intrigue, ask questions, and not give themselves away too soon. A garden should be a place of exploration and present something of the ‘other’ to normal life.

Our designs look for balance, proportion, and harmony, whilst rooting gardens in a sense of place. It is important to us that gardens reflect and enhance the landscape around them, playing with the idiosyncrasies of a site to create multi-textured, enduring, and highly attractive outdoor spaces.

Sustainability in garden design is a major consideration of the studio. Our designs look to use locally sourced materials as far as possible – materials that not only complement the surrounding landscape, but also do not require protracted and harmful delivery over long distances. Planting design always considers the local flora, with a focus on native.

Sean spends his time between Somerset and London. In Somerset, Sean lives in a 300-year-old farm labourer’s cottage on the Mendip Hills, overlooking the Somerset Levels. He applies much of his garden design philosophy to the decoration of the cottage.

SEAN A. PRITCHARD design projects extend across the United Kingdom.